Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What It's Really All About

I'm feeling good about UBBT right now for lots of reasons, but here's the reason I want to write about today.

One of my Personal Victories is to "Eat corn on the cob grown from my own garden this summer". You see, I have a house with a fantastic back yard, including a wide side yard that served the last owners as a dog run. That space spent 11 years getting fertilized with dog poop. And we've been composting there for 4 years. Since we moved in, I've been saying "I should grow a garden".

Four years later, no garden. For me, the Personal Victories are about doing those things we keep saying we want to do, but find the excuses. So corn on the cob for me this summer. And bell peppers. And real tomatoes. Cucumbers. Fresh garlic & basil. And cherries from the tree.

But what's more, my grandmother (who recently moved into town) is a great gardener. She and gradad had, literally, a full acre of garden when they lived in Glide. So Grannie, she's helping me out. We're having an acre of fun measuring, planning, getting our little hands dirty. Anticipating home-grown veggies and remembering feasts from my childhood.

Getting something done I've been promising myself I'd do for years? Check.

Doing something important for my health and my diet? Check.

Taking time to do something meditative, simple, conducive to the thinking of long thoughts? Check.

Getting to spend real time with people I love? Check.

If this isn't what it's really all about, I'm not sure I want to know.

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