Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ya Know What Hacks Me Off?

So the other night I'm driving home from my parents' house. Just me in my van. It's 11 at night, drizzling and cold. I see a teenage girl, early high school or late junior high, walking along the road.

My impulse was to offer her a ride....but if you were a teenage girl walking home and some stranger asked you to get in his van in the middle of the night....I wound up just driving on.

Almost ten years ago, I offered a little old lady help carrying her groceries. As I approached, she literally recoiled in fear. I was unable to calm her down and left so she'd stop being afraid. (Well, at least not afraid of me).

The worst damage all the bad guys do is they teach the good guys to be afraid. My stories can't be unique.

I haven't figured out how we're gonna fix that one.


Thanks for listening.


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