Saturday, February 16, 2008

Keep On Pushin'

So my teammate and hero Dave McNeil started an organization called Keep On Pushin, which encourages people to do pushups for charity. It's a fantastic idea, supported by an incredible person. I could gush further, but the short version is I have 48 hours to do 2008 pushups.

A bunch of folks (thanks Ma, Pa, Uncle Mike, Amy M, Steve, Zach, Ian, Keith, Mark, Jen, Shawn, Julie, Ana, Mark V, the Worralls, Gary, Roger, the Kellners, Erik, Scott, Shiloh, Tamara, Dawn, Shari, and the Zangers) have donated from 1 cent to 5 cents per pushup. One even promised me 6 cents for every pushup I do on Friday.

The current count: 615. Watch for further developments.

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