Saturday, February 16, 2008

Callin' It a Night

Goin to bed now. Count for today 1095. Total count so far 1710.

Thanks to Brahm, Kathleen, Elizabeth and Lee (Grampa & Grannie) for coming out today and adding to our list of donors. We're at over 50 cents per pushup now, well over 1000 dollars for Family Bridge.

I'm in deep seratonin high territory, have been for the past several hours. Workout crack. I'm loopy, my chest hurts and I'm smiling.

Night y'all. We'll finish this off tomorrow in style.

1 comment:

Katherine said...

What you're doing is amazing, Son.
I'm truly proud of you...of what you're doing in this instance, of who you are, of how you're structuring your life, of how you value your people.
Peace, Love, Hugs,
Sifu Ma