Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Day in the LIfe

"I will always be easy to find. I will be at the center of the battle."

That's from Richard Marchinko's management book. Not that I recommend his style or agree with many of his ideas -- but that sentiment is dead on.

I've been feeling that way lately. UBBT requirements. Wife kicking butt at grad school. Son to play with and hopefully teach a thing or two. Pets to care for. Dojo to run. Books to read. Friends and family to enjoy. New programs going gangbusters and taking three times the effort I thought they would.

Some days it's overwhelming. Some days it's exhilirating. Some days terrifying. Some days empowering. Some days I feel terrible about how many balls I've dropped. Some days I feel great about how many I caught, or at least picked up with a degree of style.

Today's agenda: Wake up. Cook breakfast. Take son to school. Go to yoga. Bike 16 miles. Run errands. Open school. Office duties. Train budding manager. Practice goju-shorei material (thanks Sokei). Stand at front counter during the evening rush and talk with everybody. Go home. Cook dinner. Head to PTA meeting where my son is presenting a check for $800 (the result of his helping with a fundraiser). Go home again. Tuck son in. Clean kitchen and dining room. Help wife with homework. Take half an hour to read and relax. Go to sleep.

Today's one of the good days.

Thanks for listening.

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