Monday, January 7, 2008

Today Was a Good Day

Got up this morning, meditated. Made breakfast for the family while I had a cup of tea. Did my first set of pushups and reps. Walked my boy DJ to school with our dog, stopping to pick up trash in the schoolyard (DJ helped without being asked). Came home and bagged lunch for me and my wife -- leftover tofu peanut stir fry from last night, a box of yogurt, an orange, fresh brewed green iced tea.

Went to work where (with thanks to a lot of our efforts last month) I had three folks come in to sign up for lessons. Got my workout in. Enjoyed my time with friends, students, teachers. Heard from the local paper that there will be a largish article about our food drive tomorrow. Full color photos and the whole shebang. Made good progress on my tasks and goals at work.

Came home and made stuffed green peppers for dinner. Helped the lad with his homework, played some before bed. Got my last set of pushups and reps after blogging and bed.

Thanks, UBBT.

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