Friday, January 4, 2008

Originally Posted 12/4/07

This weekend was spent in the hospitality of UBBT brother Shawn Knight at his training camp in Tucson, Arizona. I have to say it was a fantastic experience. Top shelf presenters (including Ed Parker, Jr., Larry Tatum, Lee Epperson, Lee Sprague and Rick Fowler). Great training partners. Mr. Knight and I have some shared lineage, so on top of it all I got to visit with a handful of old friends.

I especially want to thank Mr. Knight and his splendiferous wife for making me feel right at home. When I arrived Thursday night, they welcomed me like family. By that I mean they said hello and put me right to work. Guys, how did you know that sort of greeting means more to me than any sort of red carpet treatment ever could? Mr. and Mrs. Knight, thank you. Your mats are soft and your dojo warm.

I was also pleased and challenged by simply getting out of my local dojo rut. Nothing against the local scene (we have two UBBTers within a few blocks), but the familiar quickly becomes…familiar. Seeing new ideas and new ways of running things set my mind running in some new directions. I can’t wait for the official UBBT events to start up so I can get more of that.

Thank you again, Mr. Knight, for the invite and the fantastic shindig. We'll meet again soon.

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