Saturday, March 21, 2009

Family Reunion Time

One thing I love about being a martial artist and member of the UBBT is the sense of family. I just spent a week driving through Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and Washington. Rather than sleep at hotels, I made arrangements to sleep at the homes of martial artists I know in the area. Some were good friends, others UBBT family. In each case, we sat at their table and talked story over beer and good fellowship.

The seminars I attend and especially the UBBT events feel like family reunions. Everybody hugs hello. Everybody's immediately talking like old friends. Coming from a big, loving and raucous family myownself, I find this wonderful.

I wonder if people from other hobbies/communities/lifestyles have this same experience. I hope so, for their sake. It would be a sad thing to miss out on.

Thanks for listening.

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