Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Scholar Warrior Citizen Day 1

We started our Scholar Warrior Citizen camp yesterday.

We do this each year...a week-long service learning camp where we volunteer in the community. At our school we define 'warrior' as 'somebody who steps up to solve a problem'. Each day we learn about a different problem, learn about people and organizations working to solve that problem, then go volunteer or tour at a place that's working toward a solution.

Yesterday we did pollution. We talked about global warming. We learned about industrial waste. We came up with solutions kids could work for. My favorite was 'Pennies for Pollution', where students collect pennies from everybody they know to fund awareness drives and advertising. Kids also came up with letter writing campaigns, karate demos for publicity, all manner of stuff.

We finished with a trash pickup at a local park. We rambled for two hours, alternately enjoying the greenspace and picking up litter. We got probably 100 pounds or so by the end.

A good day.

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