Monday, June 9, 2008

Celebrating Victory

It's been a rough couple of weeks. A lot of things are coming to a head, but I still dont have a couple vital pieces of info. It's like walking into a situation needing backup you don't know is going to be there.

So I figured I'd post this week and remind myself of some UBBT successes. I don't post often with my figures, so this will be news to many.

1. My wife finished her second Master's Degree this week. It was an accellerated program -- two years of work on 10 months. We made it through. To help, I cooked bout 150 dinners, read many of her assignments (either to type up summaries, or aloud to her while she did something else), took on most of the housework. I think it's appropriate that the #1 victory this year was a team effort between me and my honeybun.

2. Our karate school collected 10,000 cans worth of food in three months. (Thanks to Dan Sikkens whose studio provided a valuable assist).

3. I completed the Keep On Pushin' Challenge, doing 2008 pushups in a weekend and collecting $750 for the Alabama project.

4. I ran a karate lesson fundraiser in four local schools, raising more money in each school than the McDonald's Night fundraiser. (Take that, Mickey).

5. I got article accepted by a major national magazine (details still forthcoming on publication date).

6. I've planted a garden and work in it often with my family. (The wording of my goal was 'To eat corn on the cob from my own damn garden"...the corn's not doing so hot, so I may need to make due with the snap peas, red peppers and tomatoes).

Last but not least, though this doesn't count towards our tally...I've met, emailed, talked to and shared time with some of the best people there are.

Thanks for listening.

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