Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just One of those Things

I often ride my bike to and/or from my house to my karate school. It's just under 4 miles, with some good hills to keep me honest. Takes me about half an hour and is a pleasant ride overall.

Yesterday, I just happened to be riding that route on a hot day during the lunch rush hour. The trip is along a main road. At one point (Cornell Rd & Brookwood), it changes from trees on both sides to fields on both sides. Just like that. One side of Brookwood equals trees. The other side equals no trees.

For the first time, I noticed how far, far worse the air quality was on the no tree side of the road. Like walking into a smoky bar. Yeeeech.

This is something I knew intellectually, but hadn't ever groked in its fullest until just yesterday.

I love what than happens. Even when the discovery isn't the world's most pleasant.

Thanks for listening.

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