Sunday, October 19, 2008


Thank you, all, for being part of last weekend. As a cap-off of the UBBT it was just what I had hoped it would be. Celebratory. A sense of family. The easy companionship of shared sacrifice and accomplishment.

Each and every one of us had important things to say...

  • Hal told us the most important aspect of UBBT is the people who walk the journey with us.
  • Susan said eery time we look outward it gives us a chance to look inward.
  • Dan's energy and enthusiasm showed through when, after rolling and sparring until he was winded (and injured) he said "All right, now I'm warmed up".
  • Carol told us that before, courage was just a word to her.
  • Lucinda reminded us how we never stop testing.
  • Jeremy's story of a crisis of faith touched us all, especially his realization that this was about far more than just him.
  • Todd shared his eye-opening realization that even outsiders were members of our family.
  • And Terri reminded us that every day, we're writing our life stories.

This was an inspiring, challenging, difficult year for all of us. Thank you all for the support, the push, the friendship. I look forward to keeping in touch, my friends.

I won't be enrolled in UBBT this coming year, although in many ways it will be a part of me forever. I have another aggressive set of goals to accomplish. But I plan to come to Alabama, and with luck I'll bring some backup.

Also, I'm going to continue blogging on my backup blog site. . Stop by sometimes. And be sure to email.

Keep in touch, my friends. My family. This was a long, tough road to wind up back home.

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Susan Stafford-Smith said...

Thank You for your "Reflections" of the UBBT Team 5 event. Your performance was Great!!! It's an honor to one of your Teammates. I really like the importance of Family in your UBBT journey. Best to you.